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The CARTEAU site is the result of a study titled "Cart'eau. Water and aquatic environments. Mapping R&D participants in France", that inventoried R&D participants and their specific know-how in the field of water and aquatic environments (Anne-Paule Mettoux-Petchimoutou, "Water and aquatic environments. A map of R&D in France", Onema, July 2010). The study was initiated by Onema (French National agency for water and aquatic environments). Onema also created a database for the information collected during the study.

This site lists all the people and organisations doing research on "continental" and "coastal" waters, and the corresponding environments:
- fresh surface waters, i.e. rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands, etc.;
- groundwater;
- coastal and transitional waters, i.e. estuaries, coastal zones, lagoons;
as well as research on the human sciences (social acceptance, use of resources and environments, etc.).
The site does not include research dealing with water and health, bathing waters, natural mineral waters, ocean waters, oceanography, water cures, bottled water, glaciology, water not on Earth and climate studies, with the exception of research on the impact of climate change on water regimes.

The CARTEAU site provides access to the information in the CARTEAU database on R&D participants in the fields of water and aquatic environments in France, including both continental and coastal waters, and the corresponding environments. It also provides information on public and private research units, research organisations, groups, research projects and programmes.
Onema is not responsible for any errors in the data provided on the CARTEAU site.
All site information is processed using data provided on the sites of the various R&D participants.
The contents of pages concerning research units and the private sector undergo a validation procedure (e-mail containing a login and password sent to a representative contact person, verification, modification and validation of data by the contact person, page validation by the site manager, page publication with the indication "datasheet validated"). If no response is received, the pages are published with the indication "datasheet not validated".
If research units are later disbanded or merged, the datasheet is cancelled and no longer published.
The data collected is subjected to computer processing limited strictly to the production of statistics and the drafting of compendia and maps.
Authentication and personal data
Personal data are used for authentication. They are intended for the sole use of registered users (contact persons for each research unit and private-sector entity).
Registration in the CARTEAU site may be requested by writing to carteau[@]
Any persons or entities listed on the site may exercise their rights to have the relevant data rectified, modified or deleted, or signal their refusal to be listed, by writing to carteau[@]
Ownership and liability
Onema shall bear no liability for any information found:

• on sites to which CARTEAU links;
• on sites linking (hypertext) to CARTEAU;
• on sites reproducing, without authorisation, the contents of the CARTEAU site.

Use and reproduction of site contents
The information on the CARTEAU site is provided without any guarantee.
The information on the site may be used freely, except for professional and/or commercial activities. Users of information do so under their sole responsibility.

In general, it is advised to use links to the site rather than to copy the contents. Copying of information should be limited to a strict minimum.
As per article 12 of French law 78-753 (17 July 1978), instituting various measures to improve relations between State services and the public, as well as various administrative, social and fiscal stipulations, users of the site must comply with the following requirements:

  1. not alter the quality of the data and not present it in a misleading or deceptive manner;
  2. not distort the meaning of the data;
  3. mention the name of the author, the source and the download data in a legible manner on all documents.

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RSS feeds may be made available on the site, enabling users to display automatically on their site the latest news from CARTEAU.
Use of RSS feeds by third parties is free of charge on the condition that they not be used for commercial purposes.
Modification of this legal notice
CARTEAU reserves the right to modify this legal notice at all times. Users are bound by the applicable conditions at the time of their visit.


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